Choosing The Cloud Over Physical Backups

When running a small business in the modern economy, leveraging the internet and all it has to offer is a must. There is no way to get around it. Businesses in every industry can benefit from the connectivity and greater processing power they get when they are able to leverage modern online services. But the increasing reliance on technology also means that all vital business data becomes digital. And how can a small business ensure that data is safe and not compromised?

Data Backups

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Many small businesses realize they must connect with companies that offer enterprise technology services so they can get the right backup solution for their company. But the question emerges, what is the right backup solution?

A larger business can be completely comfortable with onsite backup solutions. These companies will have huge rooms where they have all their electronic equipment, where data is being backed up by the second. But this is an expense that many small businesses cannot afford.


Having a massive room of IT equipment that is geared towards backing up data is just not feasible for a smaller business. Not only does it mean more office space, but it means investing a lot of money in high quality equipment. Instead of using physical servers, smaller companies can look to cloud storage as the solution.

Cloud Data Backups

The beauty of a cloud backup is that it only has a small cost associated with it. There may be a small startup cost, depending on the service. But then you are paying per month or per year. It may also be possible to pay for many years up front and get a huge discount.

But the fact is that it is a fraction of the cost of setting up servers and other physical equipment that would be necessary for onsite backups. And in some ways, having these backups in the cloud is even more secure than what you would get with a physical solution.

Safe From Physical Threats

Say there is a natural disaster that impacts your building. Say there is a robbery or a fire incident where the office space is damaged. If you had physical backups at that location, you would find yourself in a situation where they are compromised. Some or all of the data would be lost.

But with a cloud backup, companies will store the data that you are uploading in multiple locations. So even if they have one data center that is compromised, the data will be safe at two or three other locations. So you are never under risk of losing this data.

And if you are worried about anyone getting their hands on your information, you should know the best online backup solutions will offer encryption. We encourage you to connect with a third party IT service provider, talk to them about the cloud backup solutions that would fit for your business, and then start setting one of them up.

When you have a proper cloud backup of all your vital company data and systems, you will be in a much better position.